Great care is taken in order to maintain high standards of cleanliness and pollution free environment. We are a environment conscious Company and thus every effort is made not to misuse the natural resources. The workers involved in hazardous works are given the best possible outfit and safety equipment and also lot of safety measures are taken in each functional activity of the garden.

Social security and workers welfare has always been given high priority. All the statutory benefits such as supply of cereals at heavily subsidised prices, uninterrupted water supply, distribution of electricity, free housing, medical and maternity benefits are made available to the workers. The garden has a fully equipped 22 bed hospital and an isolation ward run by an experienced Doctor, pharmacist, nurses and other medical staff Periodical medical camps are organised for vaccination, vasectomy & tubectomy and other medical checkups. There are primary schools for workers' children and places of worship for each community. Children are not employed but avail free primary education. Working womeo enjoy paid maternity leave & creche facilities.

Equal opportunities are given to either sex and they are equally paid too. The living standard of our workers is significantly higher than the average of the country.

Our motto is to enrich the jobs of the employees and offer continuous career development opportunities and building a sustainable long-term relationship with the entire supply chain.

A smile in every face is what we best manage at Debpata....

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