Uprooting and replantation of 200 acres of land in 2014.
Follow sustained pattern of infilling, uprooting and replanting for the next 12 years.


Simultaneously start planting in the vacant area of almost 400 acres in a phased manner.


Complete 'online - manufacturing' process at factory by March 2012.


Complete the ongoing computerization work by 2011 and start capturing data at all levels of operation.


Convert all Kutch quarters into Semi Puccan labour quarters by 2016.

Produce 1.5 million kgs of tea in 2015-16.
Explore parallel marketing strategies apart from auction, like packet tea, direct exports, channel marketing etc.

Explore manufacturing other forms of tea like fruit, herbal, specialty and other value added teas.

Explore opportunities of allied plantation activities like rubber, medicinal plants, jatropha etc.
Sooner of later, venture into other forms of food processing.


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