With a fleet of vehicles at the garden level and equal number at the offices we maintain a total of almost 25 vehicles,. leave apart the two wheelers. This helps in easy movement and transportation of men and goods.


Equipped with the latest communication devices like phone, fax, mobile, email, internet, WLL, telex etc at all levels of operation, helps us immensely in both internal and external contact. It also keeps us abreast with the latest happenings around the globe.


Our Corporate office in Siliguri is in the heart of the town. Siliguri is a very up coming city and is easily accessible by all modes of transport. Our office is aesthetically designed to host world leaders. The Kolkata and Jalpaiguri offices are also in prime locations and cater to easiness of work and accessibility.

We employ the best people in the industry and all our people are thoroughly committed to work and group activities. In all departments of work we have people working for long years and we maintain a very good employer-employee relation.


In Jalpaiguri we have a huge piece of vacant land (40 cottahs) in a very prime location and it can be used for all purposes.

Also in Siliguri at a very posh and useful location we have almost the same size of land with more than 12,000 sq. ft. of covered area, which can be used for warehousing, blending, factory, packeting and all other purposes. This site is complete and ready-to-use with all necessities like telephone, water, electricity, genset power back up, security etc in place.


As said earlier, all our businesses are woven around tea and thus we know the in and out of this industry. Also being in trade for more than 30 years gives us an edge over others. In this part of the country, we are confident that, ours is a well known company, with a good reputation and goodwill. It will be worth mentioning here that tea has become a family business for us.


For various kinds of trade on tea we are equipped. Be it packet tea, be it
blending, be it value added teas or call it what you may. We have imbibed a lot of technology from various trade bodies, institutes and associations in India and abroad. With import of know how from CFTRI (Mysore), IIPM (Bangalore) and other places in India we know the latest in the industry and are capable of using it to the fullest.


Most important of all, the board room and also the shop floor consists of a right mix of experience and courage. A team of dedicated professionals are ready to take on the world for a passionate cause -"Wealth creation and sharing". This vigor and zest is a unique feature in our group and will not be found in many well-managed companies as well.


'Destination North Bengal' is the mantra of the West Bengal Government under the able leadership of Chief Minister, Shri Buddhadeb Bhattacharya. Now, the government is giving lot of thrust to Food Processing industries and has earmarked this region as an EPZ. As for example Dabur along with a local company has just commissioned its juice extraction plant. Floriculture and horticulture are also given lot of importance. Many Dutch companies have shown interest to promote floriculture in this region. This apart the fact, that many world renowned tea companies like TATA, Goodricke are scouting otherforms of investment strategies here.

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