1908 Company formation process starts.


Debpara Tea Co. Ltd. formed with Late Sashi Kumar Banerjee as the first Chairman of the Company and other renowned persons of Jalpaiguri like Late Raibahadur Walliar Rahahlan, Late Trailakaya Nath Moullick, Late Sureshwar Sanyal and Late Parbati Nath Bose as founder Directors.
Government allots 1583.60 acres of land .


Plantation of tea starts. Late S. Chatterjee appointed as the first Manager of the estate, followed by Late Janab F. Rahman. Construction of factory building starts.

1912 Production of green tea and orthodox tea starts.

1920 Workers wage fixed at 1 anna.


Construction of the present inspection bungalow starts to host Sir Alexander Marey, member of the Whitley commission appointed by the British Government to check the condition of plantation workers. On his asking the workers about their condition, they lauded the Manager as their 'God Father' and Mallik as 'Bhagawan'.

1927 Company purchases 520.35 acres of land.

1929 Company issues shares to with a face value of Rs. 5/-.


Budget for the year fixed at Rs. 20,000/-. Being one of the highest in the district.

1939 Record annual production of 7229 munds.

1940 Workers wage fixed as 4 anna.


India gets independence. All the workers and the whole country is jubiliant.


Labour used to be brought from Bihar. Total Strength was 1487.
Workers wage fixed as 8 Anna.
First Congress union of the garden formed.

1950 Use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides was being tried.


Plantation Labour Act, enacted. Construction of 30 pucca labour quarter starts.

1952 Government acquires extra land under the Land Acquisition Act.


1953 Company prays for release of acquired land. Government leased out this along with further land. Thus total grant area stands at 2103.95 acres.


Estate invests in its first tractor. Ceremony organised for workers.
Construction of the present 20 bed hospital starts.


During the Chinese aggression, for movement of Indian Army and construction of LRP, company offered 15.83 acres ofland to Government of India.

1965 Production of CTC tea starts.


Authorised capital of the Company fixed at Rs. 30,00,000/- divided in to 20000 shares of Rs. 150/- each.

1969 Historic tripartite meeting held and labour & staff strength fixed.

1971 Garden among the first few properties to use herbicide.


The then Chairman of the company orders for 100 pucca labour quarters to be built.

1981 Construction of the present Registered Office at Jalpaiguri starts.

1985 First irrigation set was installed with financial help from NABARD.


After many changes in the Chairmanship of the company, Mr. Manoj Kumar Banerjee, takes office as a third generation son of the family.

1991 Electricity facility to the workers arranged after meeting on 3.3.91.

1992 Kolkata office starts at 1, Rowdon Street.

1993 One million kgs of CTC tea produced .


Mr. Tara Chand Agarwal purchases majority shares from Mr. M. K. Banerjee and was elected as the Chairman of the company.

2002 100% garden under irrigation.

2003 New troughs constructed.


New weigh bridge installed and complete factory under automation and conveyorisation.


Debpara is today in the pre-eminent position of one of the best tea company in the region
powered by its most important resource -"people".

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