The difference in soil and climatic conditions can mean all the difference between the flavors of different teas even if it is from the same garden. The influence of different seasons can also play a role in shaping the flavor of a tea. In recent years the unusual weather patterns we have been experiencing have denied the tea plants their usual climatic influences. Thus tea manufacturers have been unable to maintain the consistence of flavor of tea even if it comes from the same garden. But we can proudly say that we have managed to maintain the same level of quality and flavors year after year.

At each step right from the time tea seed is sown to the time it is mature for plucking; intensive care is taken so that the best quality can be harvested. Highest plucking standards are maintained in order to produce good quality of teas. Strict quality norms are advocated for selection of leaves for manufacturing.

The monitoring of highly sensitive variables in the process of withering and fermentation - and another aspects of tea production -enables us to accurately control the quality and quantity of the output from our garden.

Cleanliness is God, is preached to the workers in the factory. Utmost care is taken to ensure clean and hygienic production. Regular washing is done to clean the factory of any bacterial residue.

Enough care is taken post production also. We sacrifice a huge quantity in achieving consistency from invoice to invoice in terms of true grading.

We are always in the process of implementing the best business practices and to this effect we want to get ourselves certified forlSO9000, ISO 14000and HACCP.

In order to ensure the best is being delivered to our consumers a time-bound system is in place to ensure that regular feedback on quality deliveries is encouraged by interacting with our valued Customers. In the rare event of any quality complaint from our valued consumers, they are carefully studied, analyzed, docketed, a detailed root cause analysis done after which the complaint is closed. This ensures that our customers remain loyal and all their complaints are addressed and acted upon.

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