In the mist-laden foothills of the mighty Himalayas, are tea gardens that grow the finest teas in the world. While tea is since being grown commercially in many other parts of the world, none compares with Indian Tea for its distinct character, flavour and aroma. India is home to the world's finest tea plantations. Different regions are endowed with superior quality and character of tea leaves. At Debpara, we are proud to be a part of this heritage and legacy.

The Company since its inception has strictly followed one guideline not to sacrifice quality for quantity. Thus it goes without saying that Debpara has earned the trust of traders and consumers alike. In the trade circle, our teas are rated at a premium over most other manufacturers. Our superb teas have been skillfully created for the discerning clientele who have come to expect the legendary perfection of the lush green gardens of Debpara.

Tea is a 'people' industry. No robot could replace the skills of planter, tea plucker, taster and blender. No computer could calculate the fine distinctions between crop and crop, one season to the next. So we have good reason to value our human resources. Accordingly we promise our workforce a lifetime of challenges as well as rewards - training & professional upgrades, medical & occupational security and educational & cultural supports. The where withheld to perpetuate the expertise and the commitment to pure quality is what makes Debpara Tea Company Limited a winner from crop to crop !

We dedicate all our efforts to the rain god and the rainbow, mountains, rivers, streams, sunlight, high & low winds and the vast expanse of nature that give life, vitality and fragrance to the tea plants and in fact to the universe. We also dedicate ourselves to the tea drinkers and the connoisseurs who have savoured the exotic aroma and fresh flavour of millions of cups of tea brewed from Debpara Tea Estate.


Tara Chand Agarwal

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