Production Process:

  1. On-line : LLDPE extruded using co-extrution process for for multi layer polytube. Second extruder is used for making yellow colour twin stripes as our registered trademark.

  2. In-line : During extrution Turbo in-line emitters are inserted inside the tube at pre- determined intervals.

  3. Moulded Parts : Emitters, Poly / PVC fittings, valves and various components of MIS are moulded in- house using different polymers on close looped micro-processor injection moulding machines.

  4. Filteration & Fertigation Equipments : Manufacture of plastic & metal screen filters, disc filters, sand separators & fertigation tanks.

  5. Easy to assemble and dismantle

  6. Can withstand 120 kmph wind speed.

  7. Increased productivity & reduced operating cost leading to commercial viability.

  8. Tunnels and polyhouses are economical substitutes for creating semi controlled environment for increasing yields compared to open farm production systems.

Features :

  1. Increases crop yields and saves water.

  2. Useful for problematic terrains, soil & water.

  3. Improved pest, disease and weed control.

  4. Effective for Orchard, Tree crops, Agroforestry crops. Plantation crops, Medicinal plants, Biofuel crops, Field crops, Vegetables, Pulses, Oil seeds, Sugarcane, Cotton and other raw crops.


ISO: ISO 9001 certified by RWTUV, Germany
“Recommended for 14001-2004 EMS certified by TUV NORD, Germany”.

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