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Production Process : HDPE Granules is used extrusion of pipes and injection moulding of fitting. Metal rises and sprinklers are fixed on saddles.

Features :

  1. Exceptional durability proven by years of use.

  2. Sealed bearings.

  3. Even water distribution gives higher yield.

  4. Many Energy Efficient models- operate at lower pressure.

  5. Unique, Quick-Connect joint design ensures positive locking and leak-proof joints.

  6. Suitable for extreme site condition.

  7. Undertake Turn-key Projects-Concept to Commissioning.

Advantages of Sprinkler Irrigation :

  1. Operationally flexible- effective for all soils, land topography and crops.

  2. Lower cost than drip.

  3. Whilst drip uses least water, sprinkler irrigates two to three times more area than surface irrigation.

  4. Ideal for germinating seeds and establishing seedlings.

  5. Creates a micro climate reducing plant stress.

  6. Controls pests thriving in a dry environment.

  7. Complete systems designed and supplied.

  8. Extremely durable - 40 year old systems still in service.

  9. Very low maintainance.

  10. Easy to install.

  11. Suitable for unskilled labour.





For small area, nurseries and gardens. Engineering plastics.

ZX30 single, ZX30D twin nozzle. 5to 25 psi. 1.35 to 3.99 gpm.ZX30 W ful/part circle.15 to 25 psi. 2.23 to 2.96 gpm. ½ “BSPm.
PR 24

Cost effective. For agriculture and small plantation. Engineering plastices.

PR 24 single, PR 24D twin nozzle. 30 to 60 psi. 2.28 to 16.58 gpm.

LOPS is energy efficient model. Engineering plastics.

PR 24 LOPS single/twin nozzle. 10 to 40 psi. 1.82 to 11.38 gpm. ¾” BSPm.

Widely used. Agriculture. Gunmetal/ brass.

110SS Single,110ST Twin nozzle.15 to 60 psi. 2.54 to 11.61 gpm.3/4”BSPm.

Larger farms Gunmetals/Brass

150SS Single, 150ST Twin nozzle.40 to 60 psi. 5.55tp 17.75 gpm ¾” BSPm.

Small raingun.Energy efficient.Plantation, large farms, Sugarcane farms, Aluminium alloy.

ZM22 single, ZM22D twin nozzle. 40 to 80 psi. 22.2 to 92.2 gpm. ZM22W part circle. 40 to 80 psi. 22.2 to 78.5 gpm. 1½” BSPm.

ZNP23 Medium raingun. Energy efficient. Lightweight with large area coverage. Plantations in large farms. Aluminium alloy. ZNP23 three nozzle. 40 to 100 psi. 55.4 to 219.8 gpm. Flanged connection.
ZNO23 Large raingun. Very arge area coverage. Aluminium Alloy, gunmetal, powder coated. ZN23 single, ZNO23D twin nozzle. 60 to 90 psi. 84 to 389.6 gpm. ZNO23W full / par circle. 60 to 90 psi. 84 to 363 gpm. Flanged connection.
ZNO23 LOPS LOPS is energy efficient model. Excellent coverage at lower pressure. Aluminium alloy, gunmetal, powder coated. ZNO23 LOPS single nozzle, ZNO23 LOPES W full/part circle. 40 to 60 psi. 68 to 295 gpm. Flanged connection.

ISO: ISO 9001 certified by RWTUV, Germany
“Recommended for 14001-2004 EMS certified by TUV NORD, Germany”.

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