Production Process of PE/PP Pipes : Polymer granules fit into processing machine to extrude the pipes. The polymer melt from extruder barrel pushed by screw passes through die & mandrel acquiring pipe shape. The calibrator fixes the size and cooling through the tanks next the pipe rigid. This pipes are then either rolled into coils or cut into suitable lengths.

Production Process PE/PP Fittings : The polythene, polythene granules are fit into an injection moulding machine. This get heated and melted through the barrel. The screw pushes the molten mass into the mold cavity after mold closure. After cooling, the components is ejected and another cycle begins.

Features :

  1. Polythene (PE) pipes are made out of grades LDPE/HDPE/MDPE ( PE-63, 80 & 100) Virgin Polythene.

  2. Polypropylene pipes are made out of grades PP-R 80, PP-H 100, PP-B 80.

  3. Good for Water, Chemical, Effluent, Sewarage, Slurry, Gas, Salts Solvent conveyance, plumbing & Cable Ducing etc.

  4. Can withstand temperature & high pressure.

  5. Uneffected by Algae, Heat and Ultra- Violet Rays.

  6. High abrasion resistant.

  7. Flexible yet strong. Available in straight lengths & coils.

  8. We undertake Turn-key Projects- Concept to Commissioning.


Features :

  1. Strong and light weight.

  2. Extremely durable

  3. High quality sealing ring last longer.

  4. Aluminium retains its value over the years and has high scrap value.

  5. 50,75,100,125 and 150 mm diameters.

  6. ISI marked

  7. Wide range of fittings


ISO: ISO 9001 certified by RWTUV, Germany
“Recommended for 14001-2004 EMS certified by TUV NORD, Germany”.

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